Quality service
Sales service hotline accepts customer consultation 24 hours
Positioning based on the market - the spreader of technical value [maximizing the application technology and performance of the company's products or systems in the customer's position, in line with the actual needs of customers] Based on the company - the promoter of product improvement [to product Market performance information is fed back to the company's technical resources department to promote product manufacturing quality, design quality improvement, and improve customer satisfaction with products] The goal is to provide customers with a convenient, valued, safe, professional, considerate and trustworthy service.
Brand 6A Service - The 6 key moments that will be in contact with customers, the service is the ultimate, that is, the level A service

The 24-hour hotline is opened, and fax, e-mail, QQ, network telephone and other multi-channel acceptance of customer issues, the first question responsibility system;

Respond to customers within 1 hour, and issue solutions and plans with customers on the front;

The outlets and the joint guarantee center all over the provinces and cities in China quickly reach the customer site within 24 hours, and the service is quickly guaranteed;

1. Quickly solve on-site problems, professional customer response, and rigorous processing procedures; 2. Train product maintenance, maintenance and operation knowledge for customers;

Return to the customer within 72 hours to care for the customer's feelings and ensure the normal use of the product;

Issue professional analysis reports on product problems, eliminate hidden dangers on the spot, and provide service guarantees;