56 Module Mounting Enclosure Base


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Product technical parameters

Product Introduction

Installation housing/base of industrial switch socket which be freely combined with 56 series module.

■Durable orange: mark "RO" after model number, for example 56E2RO

Installation accessories
■Stainless steel mounting frame is suitable for 56E2, 56E3 and 56E4VH modules, model number 56PMK.
■Stainless steel mounting support is suitable for all enclosures, model number is 56MF.

Technical Parameters

All industrial switch sockets are fitted with housing, base and module with ultraviolet resistant rigid RVC structure for fitting gluing and conduit entry. Adequate pipe and cable entry devices, sufficient wiring space to facilitate the installation of all threaded pipe entry devices to provide plugs. There is a cast bridge between the modules of the multiple housing to ensure that the switch and socket are embedded in a continuous surface layer. Mold spacers can also be installed on the base and housing of the multi-connection industrial switch socket to isolate service, and are in line with the standards of 4, 6, 8, 9 and 16-connection housing.
There are many mounting points and 220/10 sealing plugs on each housing. Double insulated installation screw head ensures rated IP protection level. Mold gasket is supplied with switch and socket module.

Model Connection Overall Dimensions(H)x(W)x(D) Mounting Point Cable Entry Devices No.(mm) Interception Regulation(mm)
56E1 1 101x101x63 8 2x25,1x32 1x25/32
56ESI 1 101x101x38 4 1×25,1×20 1x20/25
56E2 2 198x101x63 8 2x25,1x32 1x25,1x32
56ED2 2 198x101x100 8 2x40 1x25,1x32
56ES2 2 198x101x38 4 1x25,2x32 2x20/25
56E3 3 294x101x63 16 2x25,1x32 2x25,1x32
56E4 4 198x198x63 16 2x25,2x32 2x25,1x32,1x40
56E4VH 4 391x101x63 16 2x25,1x32 2x25,1x32,1x40
56E6 6 294x198x63 24 2x25,2x32 2x25,2x32,2x40
56E8 8 391x198x63 28 2x25.2x32 4x25,2x32,2x40
56E9 9 294x294x63 28 2x25,2x32 4x25,1x32,1x40
56E16 16 391x391x63 48 2×25,2x32 6x25,6x32,4×40

In 56E2/4EL, E2 means housing, which is used with 5EL4N cover and DN din rail, suitable for 4EL RCDs.

Combination with RCD

Portable Combination Switch Socket with RCD

Seismic tectonic, these portable devices come with handles, easy to use, and suspension devices for construction pole, and heavy-duty soft wire 3 meters.

Model Phase Ithe
Pins Tripping sensitivity Matching Socket Model Bend Plug Model Overall Dimensions(H)x(W)x(D) Pin Configuration
56C310EL2P 1 10 250 2(3 flat pins)) 30mA 56P310 - 243x294x105 A
56C315ELP 1 15 =250 1(3 flat pins)
30mA 56P315 - 243x195x105 G
56C420ELP 3 20 415 1(4 round pins)
30mA 56P420 56PA420 243x195x105 L
56SO4ELP15 1 10 250 4(Auto, 3 flat pins) 30mA 56P310 - 243x294x105 A

Note: The combination possesses different pin configurations, rated current value and 100mA leakage switch.
Special specifications can be ordered according to customer requirements.

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