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The structure of the industrial plug

Promulgator : DIHAO Date : 2018-07-18

The general requirements of the industrial plug structure are:

1. The device is not easy to connect in a wrong way, and the surface should be free from burrs, flash edges and similar sharp edges, so as to ensure the safety of hand operation.

2. Screws or other parts for fixed parts should be easy to see and facilitate assembly and fixation.

3. Users are unable to change the very non interchangeable position of the ground or middle line to ensure proper installation.

4. Set the positioning key to ensure the precise position of the insertion.

5. Set up holding device to prevent out of out after insertion.

6. The structure should be able to reach the required level of protection:

(1) Electrical accessories with rated current 16, 32 and 63A have splash resistant (IP44) and anti immersion (IP67) structure.

(2) The electrical accessories of 125A should be IP67 structure.

(3) When the 125A socket is mounted on the shell or integrated with the shell, the whole unit can be an anti immersion (IP44) structure.

7. The inverted phase mechanism should have a locking mechanism to maintain its position without accidental action, and its action will not damage the cable and wiring.