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Comprehensive analysis of waterproof socket box

Promulgator : DIHAO Date : 2018-07-07

Speaking of Portable Waterproof Socket Box, probably most owners do not know much. Maybe we will ask if we can use waterproof socket boxes in family decoration. Today, a comprehensive analysis of waterproof socket box for your reference.

The application scope of the Portable Waterproof Socket Box is suitable for the electric power industry, the railway industry, the chemical industry, the coal industry, the automobile industry, the shipbuilding industry, the container terminal, the airport, the large amusement park, the steel industry, the electrical industry, the construction industry, the food industry and so on.


1. the outer box is made of the engineering plastic aluminum alloy +ABS shell, the surface is sprayed and the shape is beautiful. 2. the CHINT circuit breaker, the Schneider circuit breaker, the ABB circuit breaker industrial plug connector circuit breaker protection window and other components 3. have the overload and short circuit protection function; 4. the module structure, all kinds of circuits can be root It is necessary to assemble freely; 5. it can be specially designed according to user requirements, such as installing surge protector, ammeter, voltmeter, etc.; 6. can be equipped with padlock metal handle outside.

Product characteristics of Portable Waterproof Socket Box

1. beautiful shape, novel structure, high protection grade; 2. with overload, short circuit, leakage protection and other functions; 3. the box with observation window protection switch room, easy to operate observation; 4. box material flame retardant, self extinguishing, aging resistance, thermal stability; 5. chemical medium, atmospheric medium, impact resistance; 6. electrical prescription The case is flexible and convenient to assemble; 7. it is easy to install and stable in performance.