Combination Socket Box for Marine Reefer Container


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Product technical parameters

Product Introduction

TX series combination socket box for marine reefer container(TX-LCX-6001)is designed and developed for container ships, conforms to German Standard D/N VDE 0623, European Standard EN60309 and International Standard  ISO1492-2. It provides power for refrigeration of reefer container during sea transportation. The socket is equipped with mechanical interlocking device. The plug can be inserted only when the isolating switch is in the "OFF" position, that is, the plug can only be inserted when the power is cut off, cannot be pulled out when the power is on to ensure the safety. There are several different connection mode, like four-connection, five-connection, six-connection, and so on, the power is supplied from the distribution room and distributed to each outlet through the feeder box without interference with each other.
In the construction planning, the refrigerated container combination socket device can be assembled in multi-connection according to the actual use of the site. The picture is just the application of six-connection of many kinds of container combination socket device.Specific details please contact with us.

Technical Parameters

Rated operating voltage:440VAC
Specifications:32A 3P+E 3H
Rated operating frequency:50~60Hz
IP grade:IP44、IP66
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