MCV Waterproof Metal Isolator

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Product technical parameters

Product Introduction

1. The product is made of high-crystalline metal with high insulation, anti-impact and ultraviolet resistance.
2. Internal wiring of socket and switch, saving assembly time
3. The switch with indicator can directly show whether the current passes through or not.
4. Waterproof ring and waterproof cap ensure that the product reaches IP66 waterproof grade.
5. Opening the socket users can intuitively see the internal working environment of the socket and pin configuration.

Product Overview

1、Waterproof Grade:IP66;
2、Standard Color:Yellow;
3、Applicable Standard:AS/NZS3123:2005AS/NZS3133:2008
4、Applicable Environment:moistureproof, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, can work in extremely harsh environment.
5、The whole product series includes 3 pins, 4 pins and 5 pins; 10A~50A

Model & Specification 

10A/1P-MSW110-2W IP66 250V
10A/2P-MSW210 IP66 250V
10A/3P-MSW310 IP66 500V
16A/1P-MSW116 IP66 250V
16A/2P-MSW216 IP66 250V
16A/3P-MSW316 IP66 500V
20A/1P-MSW120 IP66 250V
20A/2P-MSW220 IP66 250V
20A/3P-MSW320 IP66 500V
32A/2P-MSW232 IP66 250V
32A/3P-MSW332 IP66 500V
50A/3P-MSW350 IP66 500V

Structure & Technical Parameters

Article Number Current(A) Pole Rated Working Voltage(V)
MSW110-2W 10 1 250
MSW210 10 2 250
MSW310 10 3 500
MSW116 16 1 250
MSW216 16 2 250
MSW316 16 3 500
MSW120 20 1 250
MSW220 20 2 250
MSW320 20 3 500
MSW232 32 2 250
MSW332 32 3 500
MSW350 50 3 500
Dimension diagram:x2
Structure diagram:c2

Dimension Diagram

Dimension diagram :x2

Structure Diagram

Structure diagram :c2
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