Socket Connector for Reefer Container

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Product technical parameters

Product Introduction

This kind of industrial plug and socket is designed for reefer container, widely used in sea ports, wharfs, railway stations and airports as well as container ships, container transit stations.


The industrial plug and socket for reefer containers, the level of protection IP67, with ni-plated contacts, stainless steel screws, transverse shaft and springs, and high-performance  engineering materials thus to ensure the maximum protection performance of the product in a severe and highly corrosive environment. According to the requirements of the standard, the basic characteristics of this kind of products are as follows:
●Rated Current:32A
●Rated Voltage:400-440V
●IP Grade:IP67
●Protection level, conforming to IEC 60529 standard 
○32A IP67
●Protection level against external mechanical impact, in line with EN50102
○Impact resistance K08
●Fire resistance and abnormal heat resistance, in accordance with C/EN60695-2-1 standard: 850℃ (glow-wire test)
○Flame Retardant Engineering Polymer Housing
○Nickel plated pins
○Stainless steel screws
●Cable connection
P67(Pipe joint)
P67(Length of direct lead cable)
32A PG21115-21mm
●Connection terminal
Standard cable size
32-mounted and wall-mounted 25-6mm movable

Model & Specification

32A/4P-2644 IP67 400V
32A/4P-2123 IP67 400V
32A/4P-2177 IP67 400V

Model & SPEC Table

A P 400V  

50 a. 60HZ

32 4 2644 △IP 67
CEE/IEC low voltage socket
A P 400V  

50 a. 60HZ

32 4 2123 △IP 67
CEE/IEC additional socket
A P 400V  

50 a. 60HZ

32 4 2177 △IP 67
CEE/IEC connector
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