Schuko Plugs
Widely used in buildings, factories, outdoor power distribution, and other places with high humidity and dust


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Product technical parameters

Product Introduction

Schuko industrial plug CEE 7/7 is the German standard plug. It's the round plug, and is commonly used in most European countries. The Schuko industrial plug is non-polar (i.e. the live and neutral wires are connected randomly), and its rated current is 16A. Therefore, the product should be permanently connected to the power supply or connected by high-power connectors, such as IEC309 system. In order to solve the difference between E and F type sockets, CEE7/7 plug was invented which is comes with 2 round pins built with grounding terminal clamps inside both sides so that the plug can work with F type sockets, and it also comes with a female terminal which can be connected with the ground terminal of E type socket. F type plug without female terminal can be found in DIY store, but just for reconnection.

Main Technical Parameters

Name:SCHUKO Industrial Waterproof Socket
Description:German, French, Belgian standard, with PE conductor, with insulation gasket, cable range: 3 x 2.5 sqmm and below.
Color:Schuko industrial plug colors are divided into  seven colors: gray, black, orange, blue, red, yellow, green.
IP Grade:IP44
Standard Packing Quantity:20

Model & SPEC Table

Color A V Article Number
Gray 16 230 10749
Black 16 230 10754
Orange 16 230 10837
Blue 16 230 10838
Red 16 230 10839
Yellow 16 230 10840
Green 16 230 10841

△IP 44
Compliance with European International Standards
For other colors, please write to inquire.
Dimension diagram:K001

Dimension Diagram

Dimension diagram:K001
Current(A) 16
Pole(P) 2
Dimensions a 105
b 42
c 19
d 41
e 18.8
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